Department of Communication Sciences

Head of Department
Dr. Erlis Çela [email protected]
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About Department

The Department of Communication Sciences at  Hëna e Plotë  Beder University is part of the Faculty of Humanities. In accordance with the "Law on Higher Education in the Republic of Albania", the Department of Communication Sciences is a teaching and research unit, which carries out comprehensive  research in all the fields and disciplines of communication sciences.
The Department promotes, coordinates and administers teaching and research activities, respecting the academic freedom of its academic staff and their right to make use of the financial and material resources available to the Department.
The Department of Communication Sciences provides education for students wishing to make their professional careers either in the public or private sectors, in the fields of media and information, as well as in the field of public relations.
The Bachelor program in Communication Sciences is designed to provide students with an intellectual foundation in their subject which combines conceptual variety with innovative perspectives in all areas of communications.
This Department offers three study programmes: 
  • Bachelor in Communication Sciences
  • Master of Sciences in Communication Sciences - Journalism Profile
  • Master of Sciences in Communication Sciences - Public Relations Profile

Members of the Board of the Department

Nr. Title Name Surname e-Mail
1 Asoc.Prof.Dr Rahim Ombashi [email protected]
2 Dr. Erlis Çela
3 Doc. Dr.  Agron  Tufa [email protected]
4 Msc.  Edlira  Mali  [email protected]
5 Msc. Aleksandër Çipa [email protected]
6 PhD Cand. Emirjon  Senja [email protected]
7 Msc.  Rudi  Dunga [email protected]