Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Gjana Rector
Prof. Asoc. Dr. Rahim Ombashi Dean of Human Sciences Faculty
Prof. Asoc. Dr. Tidita Abdurrahmani Dean of Philology and Education Faculty
Kelmend Nezha Administrator
Departments and Research Centers
Dr. Erlis Çela Head of the Communication Sciences Department
Dr. Ferdinand Xhaferaj Head of the Law Department
Dr. Fatih Ufuk Bagci Head of the Turkish Language and Literature Department
Dr. Isa Erbas Head of the English Language and Literature Department
Dr. Arti Omeri Head of  Education Sciences Department
Dr. Genti Kruja Head of Islamic Sciences Deparmnent
Administrative Offices
Artemisa Salillari Head of the human resources and legal issues office
Rudi Dunga Head of the Public Relations and Media Office
Krisien Xoxa Head of the Technologies and Information Office
Norga Sulo Head of Students Affairs Office