Department of Turkish Language & Literature

Head of Department
Dr. Fatih Ufuk Bağcı
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The Department of Turkish Language and Literature is part of the Faculty of Philology and Education. Based on the law on “Higher education of the Republic of Albania” and the criteria of the Bologna Declaration, the Department offers a first level degree program: Bachelor in Turkish Language and Literature.
The Department also offers programs at second degree level: Professional Master, Teacher of Turkish Language, Master of Science in Turkish Language and Literature. Study programs are offered in the Turkish language, though students may also choose courses conducted in English or Albanian.
The program includes study of the historical development of Turkish language and literature, and political, social, cultural and religious developments. These courses cover different periods of Turkish language, such as: Modern Turkish, Turkish of the Ottoman period, old Anatolian Turkish, middle Turkish and old Turkish. As part of its extra-curricular activities, the Department also offers Turkish language courses. 
The Mission of the Department is to educate its students in linguistic and methodological theory and the application of theory to practical teaching. Students have the option of choosing a second language, in accordance with the departments teaching possibilities. The program helps non–Turkish students to acquire authentic pronunciation skills in modern Turkish, and to develop their reading and writing skills, employing the resources of contemporary scientific and academic research to  achieve this.
The aim of the Department is to prepare a cadre of skilled and educated graduates in the field of Turkish language and literature, enabling them to  make considered evaluations on a range of  topics. The Department of Turkish Language and Literature also aims to teach basic concepts of language and research, and through language and literature teaching to promote the acquisition of general knowledge. The department encourages its students to learn at least one of the following additional languages: Arabic, Albanian, and English.

Members of Department Council:

Nr. Title Name Surname e-Mail
1 Dr. Adem Balaban
2 Msc.  Kasim  Ilhan
3 Dr. Gülay  Yurt
4 Msc. Hakan Kaçar
5 MA. Hüseyin  Yilmaz
6 MsC. Ümit  Gulseven