Department of Education and English Language

Head of Department
Dr. Ana Uka [email protected]

The department of Education and English Language of the Faculty of Humanities and Law and in accordance with the "Law on Higher Education" in the Republic of Albania offers a Bachelor program in English Language and Literature and two graduate programs of which one leads to a Professional Master degree in English Language Teaching and the other one leads to Master of Science in English Language and Literature.

Our department’s mission is to enable students gain an extensive knowledge in the field of Education and English Language and Literature and foster critical thinking, reading, and writing skills to read the world and contribute to the future. We seek to prepare lifelong learners, excellent team workers and productive citizens who can transmit knowledge to new generations and meet the challenges of the 21-st century.

The purpose of our department is to let our respective students know about the languages, literature and cultures in relation with activating one's oral or written language skills and also prepare the students for future as qualified researchers in the target areas.

With our Albanian and international staff, this department targets high standards in the preparation of experts in the field.

Teaching aims and objectives include:

  • helping students understand the intellectual and cultural background of English and World Literature and natives, and equip them with the concepts and terminology used in the analysis of literary texts.
  • helping students understand the interconnectivity of knowledge about critical faculties, analytical approach, interdisciplinary vision and interpretative skills related to literature.
  • producing literature scholars for effective communication, written and oral presentation, interdisciplinary studies, and help students increase their creativity, self-confidence and produce original ideas in a definite area of study.
  • preparing the students to take advantage of various information sources to maintain their professional and personal development in the context of a life-long learning.
  • providing students with relevant contemporary facilities so as to exploit research data thoroughly and efficiently through the most up-to-date technology.
  • enhancing the students’ awareness of legal and professional principles and social ethics and use their knowledge and capacities for the benefit of both the individual and the society.


Department Council Members:

Nr. Titulli/ grada Emër Mbiemër e-Mail
1 Dr. Ana Uka
2 Dr. Enriketa Sogutlu [email protected]
3 Dr. William Karl Martin w[email protected]
4 Dr. Isa Erbas [email protected]
5 PhD Cand. Albana Çekrezi [email protected]
6 MSc. Zamira  Hodo [email protected] 
7 MSc. Indrit Lami [email protected]
8 Msc. Temisa Isufi [email protected]