The Senate is a collegial decision-making body of Bedër University College and consists of the Rector as its chairmain, vice-rectors, deans of each faculty and two representatives from effective academic staff for each faculty, which is elected by the faculty council, the dean of students, and a student council representative with a four year term.
The Senate has the following functions and duties:
1. Specifies the institution's development policies, schedules, coordinates, directs and controls educational and scientific research activities and assesses their effectiveness;
2. Decides about the most important educational and scientific problems of this institution;
3. Guarantees respect for the principles of autonomy and equal opportunities of academic and research freedom, as well as the rights of students;
4. Approves multi-year development plan of the institution and the annual program of its activities, presented by the Board of Directors of Bedër University College, and defines the main directions of educational and scientific research work;
5. Evaluates and proposes to Higher Board for the approval of new study, research and development programs, changes in the existing study programs and opening, merging or closure of base and major units of Bedër University College;
6. Presents to the Higher Board recommendations for projects, program and research studies, as well as structural changes necessary for their realization;
7. Requests to Accreditation Council of Higher Education for quality evaluation and accreditation of study programs;
8. Defines annual rates of scientific workload for academic staff;
9. Proposes for approval the statute, the basic regulation of the institution other regulations and instructions of Bedër University College, recommendations to the Higher Board and all related amendments, in accordance with the laws and regulations in force;
10. Selects members of the Ethics and Disciplinary Council on the proposal of the Rector;
11. Decides the establishment of  Internal Quality Assurance Unit and approves its work platform;
12. Assesses, guarantees and is responsible for providing academic quality at institution in accordance with contemporary standards;
13. Evaluates the educational and research activity of academic staff;
14. Ensures that performance and evaluation of all examinations is conducted in accordance with the standards of the institution, guaranteeing quality and transparency;
15. Decides about the content and form of diploma and diploma supplement, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Sports;
16. Approves annual report on educational  and research activities, as well as the financial, in an open meeting to all academic and administrative staff and students;
17. Makes decisions about students graduation from Bedër University College;
18. Senate meets in ordinary sessions four times a year but the rector may assemble it at any time when he considers it necessary. In all cases, decisions are taken by simple majority except statute which is approved by two thirds of the vote and with the participation of at least two thirds of the members. 
General Secretary takes part in meetings of the Senate in the role of rapporteur.