Office of Scientific Research

The Office of Scientific Research

The Office of Scientific Research aims to supervise the general scientific activities held in the institution. This office formulates and administers policies that enable the development of research in University College Beder. It also regulates the application of programs of research. Among its main objectives is the extension of academic impact of research results among the academic community.

This office oversees the proceedure of application and menagement of research projects and prepares the necessary strategic plan for the research process. It coordinates, advises, administers and monitors all the activity related to scientic research and projects. The coordination of all research activity is done through the close cooperation with the Rector, research centers and faculties. This office offers support for the application of projects, grants and manages their activities. It offers proceedural support in the professional development of the staff and archives the applications of projects and those which have been won. Additionally, it coordinates the preparation of the assessment of the academic staff; coordinates the data of research and projects in the university.


Kriselda Gurra

Head of Office of Scientific Research

e-Mail : [email protected]