Department of Law

Department Head
Dr. Ferdinand Xhaferaj [email protected]
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About Department
The Department of Law at University College Bedër is part of the Faculty of Humanities and Law. In accordance with the "Law on Higher Education in the Republic of Albania", the Department of Law is a teaching and research unit, which carries out comprehensive research in the discipline of Legal Studies.
In this context, the Department promotes, coordinates and manages teaching and research activities. The Department respects the academic freedom of academic staff and their right to make use of the material and financial resources available to the Department.
The Department of Law provides an ideal opportunity for qualified students to build their professional and academic careers in various areas of law, in both public and private sectors. The Bachelor of Law program is designed to provide students with a professional and intellectual context for their legal studies by exploring the conceptual variety and perspectives of the subject.

Members of the Board of the Department:

Nr. Title Name Surname e-Mail
1 Dr. Ferdinand Xhaferaj
2 Prof. Dr. Ferdinand  Gjana [email protected]
3 Dr.  Nertil Berdufi
4 Dr. Gentian Skara
5 Dr. Ilirjana Kaceli
6 Msc. Surja Shehi
7 Msc. Ermira Bushi
8 Msc. Aranit  Qinami [email protected]
9 Msc. Ermira  Shkreta [email protected]