Office of Information Technology

Information Systems Centre 
The Office of Information Technology is a part of the administrative infrastructure of the University. It plans the backbone high-speed network infrastructure and ensures the security and maintenance of the University network.
It works on projects for the effective, legal and extensive usage of computer  services for students and personnel. 
The primary aim of the Information Systems Center is the constant improvement of the IT system, and the monitoring and implementation of modern information technology to ensure quality and automated user support.
The Office of Information Technology provides a wide range of services to support the IT needs of the University. These include hardware and software troubleshooting, maintaining and monitoring the server room, backbone network, phone system, laboratories, PCs, network printers and WLAN access points.
The Office of Information Technology is located on the first floor. It helps with IT related issues such as the following:
-Usernames and passwords
-Fault reports
-Problems related with network printers
-Maintenance of personnel, PC lab and library computers in respect to software and hardware malfunctions
A brief guide to IT services provided to the members of the university is as follows:
-Connecting to the internet and WLAN
-Creating email accounts which can be accessed at
-University Homepage at
-A student and staff information systems (Beder Information Systems) at
-Online library services at
-Timetable of Lectures and Exams at and
-Online Security
-Password Security
-Protection of viruses and malware
-University member access to computers in the laboratory and library
-University IT courses and trainings
-Technical Support
-Duty planning of informatics need
-Providing members with informatics facilities and opportunities