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About Faculty

Dean of Faculty
Prof. Assoc. Dr. Tidita Abdurrahmani
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Faculty of Philology and Education offers to students a professional higher education. The faculty gives close and thoughtful attention to prepare qualified personnel in the field of education. The pedagogical side is the focus of the program.

Faculty of Philology and Education provides studies of primary and secondary cycles.

Faculty of Philology and Education also offers the possibility of double programs for successful students who meet the required criteria. This is achieved through the coordination of contemporary curricula in accordance with international standards.

The mission of the Faculty of Philology and Education is to prepare qualified individuals in the field of English Language and Literature, Turkish Language and Literature, Education Sciences and other similar fields. The educational methods that we apply focus on universal values and supporting scientific research. These methods implement the ideas and projects that influence the improvement of human life and society.

The Faculty of Philology and Education interweaves theory and practice in contemporary physical conditions and opportunities in order to enable students an effective qualification.  The Faculty encourages students to love and respect their country by relying on professional ethics and universal values​​ as well as the acquisition of a wide pluralistic culture in the way of thinking and conceiving the situations.

Members of dean of faculty:

Nr. Name e-Mail
1 Prof. Assoc. Dr. Tidita Abdurrahmani
2 Dr. Sofokli Garo
3 Dr. Lokman Coskun
4 Dr. Arti Omeri 
5 Fatmir Zhguni