Department of English Language & Literature

Head of Department
Dr. Lokman Coşkun


The Department of English Language and Literature is part of the Faculty of Philology and Education. Based on the law on “Higher education of the Republic of Albania ” and the criteria of the Bologna Declaration, the Department offers a study program at first degree level for Bachelor in English Language and Literature. The Department also offers study programs at second degree level: Professional Master, Teacher of English Language, Master of Science in English Language and Literature and Master of Science in Translation and Interpretation. The Department has a diversified academic staff composed of lecturers from Albania and various other countries. For that reason, having professionals in this field is our preference, since it opens a broad way of teaching and research interests which enable us to offer a very wide range of courses studied in conjunction with a variety of critical approaches, including post-colonial studies, gender studies, historicism, cultural materialism, and linguistic criticism. The whole members in our faculty are committed to staying abreast with the developing world, regularly updating courses and teaching methods to keep in line with the latest developments in the field overall.
The Mission of the Department is to expand students’ knowledge in the field of English Language and Literature. It encourages critical thinking on a range of issues and increases the quality of writing and reading in order to improve students’ understanding of the world they live in, and enhance their prospects for enjoying a successful life. This program takes into consideration the latest developments in the field, equips our students in relation with a solid foundation in the English language, English literature, methodology, educational sciences and linguistics in order to make them fully qualified teachers of English in primary and secondary  educational institutions. The program also prepares students who have a future plan of becoming teachers in high schools where the medium of instruction is English or vice versa and the students who have various intentions such as: research assistants in the English Literature Departments of universities, interpreter of English language and the other professions where English appears as a requirement. Thus, it is aimed to raise a generation of proficient English Language speakers that are able to work as qualified professionals in English Language and Literature. Also, it is aimed to prepare students to be good leaders, efficient initiators, and professional and proficient educators.
Our vision is to create a national and international institution, paying special attention to scientific research, and preparing business professionals for work in global environments. Our university is committed to attain excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service in terms of diversity and a global perspective. This program aims to create collaborative and cooperative learning environments and improve interdisciplinary approaches to the study of English Literature. Eventually, it is our priority to keep up with technology into teaching, scholarship, and service. Also, it is a requirement for us to be a leading international educational institution in relation with scientific research and social responsibility projects in the Balkans & in the world and prepare our students as experts and qualified educators.

Members of Department Council:

Nr. Title Name Surname e-Mail
1 PhD. Isa Erbas
2 PhD. Enriketa Sogutlu
3 PhD. William Karl Martin
4 PhD. Irena Shehu
5 Msc. Albana Çekrezi
6 Msc. Temisa Isufi
7 Msc. Zamira  Craga