Message from the Rector

Dear Students, Colleagues and Friends

Selecting a college for one’s professional or academic career is an important decision in anyone’s life. Qualified graduates choose the program they wish to study in an Institution that has the  qualitative and educational values that best suit their needs.

At Beder University College,  we aim  to be the preferred choice of the most successful students who have the ambition and will to receive a quality education in a contemporary environment.

The second year of the university  has shown a very impressive balance. Our goal has been  to create  an elite institution of higher education, which contributes  to the promotion of social values. The academic staff and students have succeeded during this year in conveying the image of a dynamic institution.

Beder University College promotes values through the personal qualities of our young students, thereby enabling them to contribute to  the creation of a society with high principles.

We aim at a broad perspective. We work for qualitative  education and the graduation of mature young people, always having in mind  the contribution our institution can make to the development of Albanian society.

We also strive to strengthen our country’s  values and ancient traditions by sharing them with other countries in the region, Europe and beyond.

I am profoundly convinced that the academic and administrative staff we have selected will accelerate this  progress, strengthening and further consolidating the capacities of the university.

Based on the programs we provide, the experience of our  first academic year and our vision for the future, I invite young Albanian and foreign students,  from the region, Europe and beyond, to pursue their studies in a safe and contemporary environment, in which everything is organized with a view to  the all-round formation and education of our students.