Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Gjana is the Rector of Higher Education Institution Bedër University College and, at the same time, its founder. 

Prof. Gjana has finished his university studies in Political Sciences and International Relations in Bogazici University in Istanbul. 

Afterwards, he followed the Master studies in International Relations in the Center for Strategic & Diplomatic Studies (CEDS) in the Higher Education Institution of International and Political Studies (HEIP) in Paris.

Prof. Gjana finished the Doctorate studies in International Relations and Diplomacy in 2009 in Center for Strategic & Diplomatic Studies (CEDS) in Paris. He was evaluated with the title ''Magna Cum Laude'' and he is given the academic title “Professor” in 2015. 

He has participated in many international programs such as in Harward University, Iowa University in USA, European Council, European Commision and European Union. 

Prof. Gjana has done various scientific studies in the field of international relationships and security, international organizations and politics in Balkans. Mr. Gjana’s job experiences involve teaching, scientific research and administration of higher education institutions at home and abroad.

Mr. Ferdinand Gjana holds the position of rector of Higher Education Institution Bedër University College since 2011.