1. Merit Based Scholarship

This scholarship covers the full tuition fee (0 tuition fee) for the top 50 students who enroll in the first year of Bachelor programs and a financial bonus of €1000 for each academic year, which is awarded to the student.

  1. Excellence Scholarship 

University College Bedër is awarding Scholarships to high school graduates who choose to enroll in one of our programs for the academic year 2023-2024. This movement is based on the university’s mission and vision, as well as the institution’s strategic plan for 2023-2027. Through this support, “Bedër” aims to further enhance quality and promote competitiveness.

In this regard, if the student candidates make the scholarship reservation agreement by April 31, 2021, the annual fee deduction will be as follows:

Grade Point Average Scholarship Percentage Benefit
9.5 - 10 80 %
9.0 - 9.49 60 %
8.5 - 8.99 40 %
8.0 - 8.49 20 %

3. Social Scholarship

For the fifth year in a row, University College Bedër provides the Social Scholarship program. From 10% to 100% for students coming from families in need, for students with different abilities, orphans, for the children of martyrs, etc. Through this project, KUB aims to facilitate the education of these students who come from these social categories.

4. Talent Scholarship

Beneficiaries of these scholarships will be graduates with achievements in Olympics, sports, leadership art, science, etc. Every student who comes from these categories and is admitted to one of our programs for the academic year 2021-2022, has the right to apply for a scholarship at the Admissions Office. The commission set up at this unit, after reviewing the applications, makes the decision and contacts the student in real time.