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Head of Department
Dr. Arti Omeri
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The Department of Education Sciences is part of the Faculty of Philology and Education. In compliance with the Law on Higher Education in Albania, the Department of the Education Sciences operates as a basic teaching and research unit which comprises of homogenous fields of research within the scope of the education sciences Field. 
This program offers 2 study programs in  bachelor’s level, respectively Bachelor in Counselling Psychology and Pedagogy and Bachelor in Preschool and Primary Education, as well as one programs of the second cycle of studies, namely Master of Science in Counselling Psychology. Teaching in all the study programs is done in the English language, thereby offering to the students greater opportunities to further their academic and professional career after their graduation, and to allow them for a greater mobility for transferring their studies in parallel or similar programs offered by western universities and beyond. 
The Bachelor Program in Preschool and Primary Education offers education and formation for all those students interested on building their professional career as teachers of preschool and primary education, and enables them to further their career as researchers and scholars in the field of pedagogy. 
The Bachelor Program in Counselling Psychology and Pedagogy and further on the Master of Science in Counselling Psychology Program has been designed to offer students an intellectual and applied professional advancement in the field of Counseling psychology and Pedagogy. Special in its own kind, among the study programs offered by the institutions of higher education in Albania, the program equips students with theoretical and critical knowledge in the fields of psychology, sociology and pedagogy thereby enabling them to apply the principles of clinical and counseling psychology to diagnose and treat behavioral and conduct problems in individuals and  promotes their becoming dignified contributors to the psychological service offered in the Albanian schools. 
The mission of the Department of Education Sciences is to offer high quality education on a bachelor and master level students, and enable students to contribute constructively in the educational, cultural and social issues on a local and European context. Besides contributing to the education of qualified individuals, successful prospective teachers and professionals in the field of counseling psychology and pedagogy, the  mission of the Department of Education Sciences is also sustaining and promoting perfection in teaching, scholarly research and community service  through a philosophy of education that holds universal values at its basis. 
The Department of Education Sciences will bring novelties in the student's skill enhancement and preparation through a successful interweaving of the theoretical and critical thought with the praxis and internship in different national and international institutions. 

With its contribution in the field of  Education Sciences, the department will target the achievement of high levels of academic lore, competence and applied knowledge for the students, thereby enabling them to adapt to the job market requirements and making them feel accomplished personally and professionally  as dignified citizens to a global and dynamic society.

Members of Department Council:

Nr. Titulli/ grada Name Surname e-Mail
1 Dr. Arti Omeri
2 Dr. Lokman Coskun
3 Prof.Asoc.Dr. Tidita Abdurrahmani
4 Msc. Uran Kalej
5 Doktorante Ana  Uka
6 Msc. Eduina Maksuti
7 Msc.  Erilda Ajaz