Research Centers

About the Center
Mission of this center is to offer scientific solutions to the needs of Muslims in all the Albanian territory, all this based the Holy Qur'an and the traditions of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.S). Mission is fulfilled through objective treatment of issues relating to Islam in general and to the issues related specifically to Albania. The works of the center may be a reference point for the foreigners also.

The vision is to become an effective research center which spread the message of Islam in the right way, for a peaceful and tolerant society in all Albanian territories.



The mission of the Center for Media and Communication is to contribute to the formation and further qualification of students and young journalists through a philosophy that is based on the respect of journalistic principles and freedom of the individual, helping to improve the level of democracy and the functioning of Albanian media.

Vision of Media and Communication Centre is to be the first option for the professional training of specialists in the field of media and communication in  Albania.