Dean of Students

The Dean of Students is responsible for developing relations between students and the University. The Dean of Students is responsible for  the efficient use of University  resources and for managing the above mentioned relations in accordance with the principle that the “Student is at the Center of the University". The Dean of Students performs his tasks in cooperation with the Rector and Vice Rector.
The Office of the Dean of Students is one of the most important units in the functioning of the University. The Office pays special attention to student welfare, having as its main mission the orientation, advising and protecting of the rights of students and student groups.
The Dean of Students along with other units serves the needs of students. The Dean of Student's support starts from the time of the entrance examination and continues even after the student has graduated, thus building a close and ongoing relationship. The office of the Dean of Students organizes and supports students during their internships.

Surja Shehi

e-Mail : [email protected]

e-Mail : [email protected]



Deputy Dean

Erjola Osmani

e-Mail : [email protected]