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Student Clubs

The Student's Clubs, in compliance with environmental regulations and University discipline, aim at developing the students' skills in terms of social, cultural, and intellectual development. In general, clubs are composed of students with skills in a particular field, and any student showing a particular interest in this particular field is entitled to participate in a club. Clubs are restricted to  their own field of activity even if their activities are similar to those of other clubs. The participation of students in different conferences, competitions, congresses, etc. is carried out in coordination with the Dean of Students.

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“Hëna e Plotë" Bedër University Operating Clubs

  1. Bedër Law Academy  Club
  2. The Message of Life Club
  3. Bedër Music Club
  4. Diversity Club
  5. Book Club
  6. Photography Club
  7. Young Psychologists Club
  8. Health Club
  9. Young Teachers Club
  10. Hiking and Biking Club
  11. Debate Club                   
  12. International Club
  13. Turkish Culture and Literature Club 
  14. Sensitive Society Club
  15. Sports Club
  16. Creativity Club
Head of Office

Indrit Lami

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