Students Senate

The Student Senate is an independent student organization at Bedër University College, which has no affiliation to any political or economical interests. It promotes students' participation, and helps coordinate the representation of student ideas and opinions to the governing bodies of the University. It is elected every year through a student voting process and is based on existing university regulations. The Student Senate is organized at  institution level, with representative of both Faculties and their constituent Departments.

Nr. Emër Mbiemër Programi i studimit
1 Anxhela Buzi LAW 3
2 Beklie Koltraka COM 3
3 Denaldo Hakaj ISC  1
4 Enxhi Hasmeta  ISC  3
5 Ergyst Shehu  ELL  3
6 Ersjona Taku PPE 
7 Ismail Spahiu  COM 2
8 Klara Haxhiu LAW 2
9 Kledis Mullai  ELL 2
10 Oltiona Nexhi TLL 2
11 Rexhina Xhafa ELL 1
12 Sara Xhurxhi COM 1
13 Sefer Vrana ISC 2
14 Xhildjana Leçini  LAW